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1. Band Logo redesign

Since the band logo was designed over a decade back, and the band was now coming up with its new lineup of members, it was essential to look into the basics. The type "1974", hence was redone keeping elegance and simplicity in mind, while retaining the same look and feel.

2. Album title design

The title song relates to the hundreds that leave the nation for middle east, in search of a better future. It represents the whole country. We needed a type that reflected the feeling in a bold manner, while still remaining familiar and relevant to the Nepali masses. Hence, the Devanagari typeface was based on Nepal's most prolific cartoonist Durga Baral's handwritten font. Furthermore, i`m working on extending the typefamily.

3. Cover Art

While many get busy with work out of the country, their families face plethoras of emotions. The mother that worries of the son risking his life to make a living; a wife that dreams of being in the arms of the beloved husband. The feelings and dreams shatter in a thousand pieces when a Nepali migrant worker returns in a coffin. I felt nothing matches the expression of an immense loss. With the cover art, i`ve tried to embody the situation of loss.

Project Details

Title: 1974 AD Album cover design

Category: Design

Date: 1 August 2016


1974 AD, Nepal's most loved rock band was releasing a new album after 6 years of gap. I worked on the cover concept basing it on the title song's theme and mood.